Our Mission

To engage youth in a global movement  to end gender-based violence and advance gender equality through programming and support of youth-led initiatives intended to transform communities, nations and the world,

  • by promoting gender equality and sensitivity among global youth
  • building a community of like-minded individuals, initiatives and organizations


Music is what life sounds like. -Eric Olson

Music is our vehicle.

Man Up uses music to educate and empower young people.

Every community across the globe can tap into the international appeal of music, particularly hip hop, as a way to inspire and engage young people. Music offers a universal medium through which to build community, share stories and transform the world.

Man Up harnesses the universal and transformative power of music to engage young people in a way that is real, immediate and accessible to stop violence against women and girls.

Man Up will 1) bring together artists from all over the world, including those from conflict and post-conflict zones, where they can exchange ideas, artistic expression and discourse on VAW issues affecting them; and 2) provide educational and networking opportunities for young artists, performers and activists.