Our Mission

To engage youth in a global movement  to end gender-based violence and advance gender equality through programming and support of youth-led initiatives intended to transform communities, nations and the world,

  • by promoting gender equality and sensitivity among global youth
  • building a community of like-minded individuals, initiatives and organizations

What We Do


Education is the foundation of our campaign. We believe in the power of peer-to-peer learning, and the value of experienced practitioners and educators working with youth to change the
face of violence against women.


Capacity Building

Young leaders have innovative ideas about how to address violence against women within their communities. They have ideas about how to succeed. However, support structures, a constructive learning environment and the space to challenge those ideas is often missing. Man Up is letting youth lead the way and providing the framework to allow the full development of Man Up young leaders and their ideas.

Training – Our summit trainings are instrumental in providing strong technical skills to young people working to address violence against women in their communities around the world. Informed and led by both peers and recognized experts in the field, trainings address basic organizing and planning, subject matter related to VAW, and innovative new ways to utilize sports, music and technology to stop violence against women.

Technical assistance - The Man Up team and partners provide ongoing on-site and virtual technical support to help delegates effectively implement their blueprints for change.

Resource Database – A resource database is being developed for the Man Up community. This tool will hold reports, tool-kits, and training modules related to all aspects of combating violence against women and girls.

Grants - Following the summit, seed grants will be made available to delegates for the successful implementation of strong blueprint plans.

Monitoring and Evaluation – Man Up is committed to integrating sound monitoring and evaluation into all aspects of our work. This means that we work with an outside evaluator and prioritize accountability in our own operations. We are also dedicated to training young leaders in the fundamentals of sound monitoring and evaluation. As we work, we hope to grow the body of evidence-based work surrounding primary prevention and violence against women.


Youth have had few opportunities to participate together in addressing violence against women. Man Up is changing that by reaching out to create a coordinated global network of young leaders to build this community. Man Up provides a long-awaited space for young people around the world to meet, virtually and in person, to share ideas and resources, collaborate, and join together to stop violence against women.

Man Up is building a global community of organizations and individuals working to stop violence against women. We do this by:

Connecting young leaders to organizations in their region and those working on related issues around the world.

  • Exposing young leaders to existing organizations,good works and best practices in their countries and globally
  • Using our website and social media to highlight international and community-based programs addressing violence against women
  • Holding regional summits that bring together experts from the field with young leaders ready to learn more
  • Requiring that summit delegates partner with existing organizations for support and accountability

Connecting young leaders to each other

  • Summits: Our regional summits expand the network of young leaders from each region, and bring change-makers from the same area to meet in person and learn from experts and one another. Regional summits bring together and grow the community of youth taking actions to stop violence against women.
  • Social networking: Through social networks we facilitate peer to peer learning and intellectual exchange, social and professional networking, and access to global practitioners from a range of relevant fields.
  • Blog: The Man Up Campaign Blog serves as a daily forum to inform, discuss, and share news, policy, events, and experiences around the movement to stop violence against women and girls. The blog is operated by Man Up Campaign staff, and seeks contributions from members, partner organizations, media and our Man Up team. Along with social networks the blog provides an additional space for young leaders to voice opinions and share comments.