The exhibit is on view at WIX Lounge from 9-5 weekdays Aug. 21st-Sept 7th
where you can view all the works including Chris Anderson dipytic of Occupy Wall Protester and Police and Russell K.Fredericks Survivor. To attend the opening party RSVP Sept 5th 6-8PM WIX Lounge 10 E. 18th St. New York, Ny.

To view more information, a larger image, to see our special auction prices, click the image and you can make a BID during this auction period ends Sunday Sept 9th 8PM. More details on how the auciton works on the Online Auction FAQ page.

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Ending sexual & gender-based violence and promoting gender equality aren't women's issues, but rather human ones.

Catapult is a website where you can help fund projects around the world. They are combining the financial power and actions of people like you to help tackle gender inequality around the world.

Click on the link and join the team. Maybe donating money is not your game right now but you can still invite friends to help fund these great projects.

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  • Karim


    25 April 2013 at 16:21 |
    Hats off to whoever wrote this up and potesd it.

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